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Lead-Free presents new challenges at every stage of the product development cycle, from components to PCB finish to product durability. ITI-CM has the resources to handle your Lead-Free / RoHS PCB requirements. Click here for more on RoHS...

RoHS Compliant Assembly


ITI-CM offers assembly of lead-free (Pb-Free) and RoHS-compliant circuit board assemblies. Our manufacturing and assembly processes meet lead-free and RoHS standards.
We use IPC 610D soldering standards.

Lead-Free services include:

  • Lead-Free Rigid or Flexible Circuit
  • Board Assembly (SMT or THT/PHT)
  • Lead-Free Wave Soldering
  • Lead-Free Rework
  • Lead Free Printed Circuit Boards
  • Lead Free Materials Analysis

Our Lead-Free service utilizes special assembly procedures to assure compliance with Lead-
Free and RoHS standards. In addition to assembly, ITI-CM also provides support to
help you transition to lead-free and RoHS compliant circuit boards.

We can assist you if you need help in determining if the materials in your Bill-of-Materials meet
lead-free manufacturing requirements. We can even research lead-free components for you and
send you a Bill-of-Materials with the appropriate components as part of our Turn-Key service.